This is our guide to the best places to shop, dance, eat and drink in London, circa 1960-1966. There are coffee bars, discotheques, boutiques and record shops, some of which have taken on almost mythical status, while others are all but forgotten - there's The Marquee, The Scotch of St James, The Ad Lib, Indica, Foale & Tuffin, Kleptomania, The Plug Hole...130 entries for the man or woman about town.



ISBN: 9781910023082
Audience: General
Format: Sheet map, folded
Number of Pages: 1
Publication Date: 12 Nov 2020
Publisher: Herb Lester Associates Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 15.2(H) x 10.8(L)


London: Wish You Were There: A Retrospective Guide to London's Shops, Boutiques and Sundry Divisions, 1960-66

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