Be it the subject of awkward small talk in the office or the call to arms at an international summit, the weather is a topic of perennial interest and importance: It's both daily life and global crisis, and the latest issue of Kinfolk takes readings that span the full barometer. Plus: A look inside the studio of architect Giancarlo Valle, the home of interior designer Gergei Erdei and the closet of fashion icon Michelle Elie.


ISBN13: 9781941815489
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 16 Jun 2022
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication City, Country: New York, United States
Dimensions (cm): 29.5(H) x 22.9(L)
Weight (gm):

Author Biography

Kinfolk is a quarterly magazine based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2011, Kinfolk delves into personal values and quality of life, and inspires its readers to live with intention, energy and a sense of community.


Kinfolk Volume 44

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