In a unique style that is both sensory and utopian, Yayoi Kusama's work possesses a highly personal character, yet one that has connected profoundly with large audiences around the globe. Throughout her career she has been able to break down traditional barriers between work, artist, and spectator. Kusama's work-which spans paintings, performances, room-size presentations, sculptural installations, literary works, films, fashion, design, and interventions within existing architectural structures-has transcended some of the most important art movements of the second half of the twentieth century, including pop art and minimalism. Conveying extraordinary vitality and passion, her work seems to encompass an autobiographic, even confessional dimension. As stated by Roberta Smith in The New York Times, "These paintings form a great big infinity room of their own, but one in which each part is also an autonomous work of art, its own piece of wobbly, handwrought infinity. You may not want to know these paintings Ms. Kusama has made, but in the moment their vitality is infectious. It is the vitality of an artist who lives to work, whose work keeps her alive."Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life documents the artist's most recent, concurrent exhibitions at David Zwirner's Chelsea and Upper East Side spaces in New York, featuring a selection of paintings from her iconic My Eternal Soul series, new large-scale flower sculptures, a polka-dotted environment, two Infinity Mirror Rooms, and a selection of new Infinity Nets paintings. The monograph includes new scholarship on the artist by Jenni Sorkin, as well as a special foldout poster.



ISBN: 9781941701812
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 152
Publication Date: 2 Aug 2018
Publisher: David Zwirner
Publication City, Country: NY, United States
Dimensions (cm): 32.9(H) x 23.2(L)
Weight (gm): 1310



"[This collection includes] some of her best-known works, like the endlessly Instagrammed mirrored Infinity Rooms, polka-dotted plastered spaces, and a selection of her paintings."--The Editors "New York Magazine"
"If your art-loving friend missed Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's 2017 exhibition at the David Zwirner gallery in Chelsea, this monograph captures some of her iconic works."--The Editors "New York Magazine"
"The artist of 'Infinity' rooms has become an Instagram darling. But two new gallery exhibitions in New York show that she's much more than that - an almost frighteningly fertile talent."--Roberta Smith "The New York Times"


Author Biography

Yayoi Kusama's work has transcended two of the most important art movements of the second half of the twentieth century: pop art and minimalism. Her extraordinary and highly influential career spans paintings, performances, room-size presentations, outdoor sculptural installations, literary works, films, fashion, design, and interventions within existing architectural structures, which allude at once to microscopic and macroscopic universes.

Jenni Sorkin is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History at University of California, Santa Barbara. She holds a PhD in the History of Art from Yale University. She has written numerous in-depth essays on feminist art and issues of gender, and writes frequently on the intersection between gender, craft, material culture, and contemporary art. She has published and lectured widely as an art critic and curator, and is the author of Live Form: Women, Ceramics and Community (2016), which examines gender and postwar ceramics practice at Black Mountain College and other utopian communities. In 2016, she co-curated, with Paul Schimmel, Revolution in the Making: Abstract Sculpture by Women, 1947-2016, the inaugural exhibition at Hauser & Wirth in Los Angeles, in which Yayoi Kusama was included.

Yayoi Kusama: Festival of Life

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