The go-to introductory guide to Australia's diverse wildlife and habitats

Ideal for the nature-loving traveler, Wildlife of Australia is a handy photographic pocket guide to the most widely seen birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and habitats of Australia. The guide features more than 400 stunning colour photographs, and coverage includes 350 birds, 70 mammals, 30 reptiles, and 16 frogs likely to be encountered in Australia's major tourist destinations. Accessible species accounts are useful for both general travellers and serious naturalists, and the invaluable habitat section describes the Australian bush and its specific wildlife. Animal species with similar features are placed on the same plates in order to aid identification. Wildlife of Australia is an indispensable and thorough resource for any nature enthusiast interested in this remarkable continent.

  • Easy-to-use pocket guide
  • More than 400 high-quality photographs
  • Accessible text aids identification
  • Habitat guide describes the Australian bush and its specific wildlife
  • Coverage includes the 350 birds, 70 mammals, 30 reptiles, and 16 frogs most likely to be seen on a trip around Australia

'Anyone who likes wildlife and is planning a visit to Australia should have this book.' - FHB, Wildlife Activist



ISBN: 9780691153537
Series: Princeton Pocket Guides
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 288
Publication Date: 2 Jun 2013
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication City, Country: New Jersey, United States
Dimensions (cm): 19.1(H) x 11.4(L)
Weight (gm): 397



"Wildlife of Australia is a decent introduction to the most popular and easily seen mammals, birds, reptiles and frogs of the continent, and its casually written style makes it both informative and enjoyable. Whether on a first visit to Australia, returning on a casual vacation or simply enjoying armchair birding from around the world, this guide can be a useful addition to a birder's library or field bag."--Melissa Mayntz, About.com Birding/Wild Birds "We loved this pocket guide to the Wildlife of Australia and the authors and publishers are to be congratulated on producing such a high quality, genuine pocket book that is jam-packed with information. If you are heading down under, make sure you take this book with you."--Alan Davies and Ruth Miller, Biggest Twitch "[T]he emphasis is on the creatures a visitor is most likely to see in or near the major tourist regions. The text is concise but detailed and the images are uniformly excellent. I was able to use them without difficulty to identify the animals, and particularly the many birds I had photographed on my various trips to Australia. This book will certainly accompany me on my next visit."--AnthonyToole, Shvoong.com "If space or weight are an issue on your travels, then this would be the one guide to take with you."--Jim Morgan, Birding Frontiers "Anyone who likes wildlife and is planning a visit to Australia should have this book."--FHB, Wildlife Activist "The text is well written and informative giving salient points of identification and range. The photos are good quality portraits taken by 16 photographers."--Roy John, Canadian Field Naturalist "While the book is obviously designed for tourists ... it may well also appeal and be useful to local beginner naturalists or children with an interest in fauna."--Judy Smith, Corella


Author Biography

Iain Campbell, a native of Australia, lives in Quito, Ecuador, with his wife and children. The builder of the Tandayapa Bird Lodge and founder of Tropical Birding Tours, he serves as a nature guide to locations around the world. Sam Woods is a full-time nature guide for Tropical Birding Tours. He has led tours in Australia, South America, Asia, Africa, and North America.
Wildlife of Australia

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