It's impossible for a child to spend too long around adults without one of them coming up and asking, as if it were the most normal thing in the world, 'What do you want to do when you grow up?' They mean for this to be a relatively simple question; the idea is that you'll quite easily be able to say something like, 'A teacher' or 'A doctor' and then the adult will move on - and bother someone else.

But the truth can be a lot more complicated, and if you've ever felt confused or annoyed by the question, you have every right: knowing what you might want to do with your working life is one of the biggest, oddest and hardest questions of all. It might take many decades to find a good answer to it - and it's one that most adults are still grappling with...

This is a unique book about careers and the world of work written expressly for children. It takes us on a journey around some of the most essential questions within the topic: how can one discover one's passions, what should a 'good' job involve, what is a good amount of money to try to make, how does the economy function - and acknowledges that the job you might do one day probably doesn't even exist now. The result is a book that should spark some exceptionally fruitful conversations and help children look to their future work life with positivity and anticipation.



ISBN: 9781912891207
Audience: Children / Juvenile
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 160
Publication Date: 7 Nov 2019
Publisher: The School of Life Press
Publication City, Country: United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 22.2(H) x 15.5(L)



Broadens horizons and provokes critical thought about an essential issue. - Kirkus Reviews

Recommended as an entertaining and thoughtful volume on careers and the many factors that influence career choice. - School Library Journal

Great book! I love the content and the informal voice. This is so relevant and important! - Marla Conn, Read-ability

I think this is a fun book to read to learn about what I would like to do when I get older. - Kid's Book Buzz


Author Biography

The School of Life is devoted to developing emotional intelligence. It addresses issues such as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, how to understand one's past, how to achieve calm, and how better to understand and - where necessary - change the world. The School of Life Press brings together the thinking and ideas of the School of Life creative team under the direction of series editor, Alain de Botton. Their books share a coherent, curated message that speaks with one voice: calm, reassuring, and sane.

What Can I Do When I Grow Up?: A young person's guide to careers, money - and the future

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