Typography is an essential component of graphic design. Whether it provides continuity between disparate graphic elements, or acts as a solo piece, typography is as alluring and attractive as it is good at establishing atmosphere. Chic, modern and attractive, the typography in this book boasts a niche form of glamour. It is striking and unique, but integrated into the entirety of the design. A more perfect reference book for designers or typography enthusiasts cannot be imagined. Typography in Graphic Design displays a collection of creative typefaces, including works from leading graphic design studios and promising amateur designers. English, Chinese, Japanese... This book features outstanding typefaces from all over the world, representing each of the selected designs with high-res images and sophisticated descriptions. To facilitate reading of this book, Typography in Graphic Design organises its featured works by their major colour hues. SELLING POINTS: A stunning and informative foray into the interplay between text and design Organised by colour for ease of navigation 400 colour images 3 Vols, Hardback, slipcase



ISBN: 9789881876959
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 632
Publication Date: 13 Jul 2020
Publisher: Artpower International
Publication City, Country: Hong Kong
Dimensions (cm): 28.6(H) x 21.6(L)


Typography Design and Application in Branding

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