An enchanting retelling of nineteen fairy tales, introduced by popular fantasy writer Philip Pullman Originally published in 1927, Told Again is an enchanting collection of elegant fairy tales, showcasing the formidable talents of Walter de la Mare, one of the most celebrated writers of children's literature during the first half of the twentieth century. His abundant literary gifts can be savored once more in this beautiful new edition. Nineteen adapted classics, including "Rapunzel," "Little Red Riding-Hood," "Rumplestiltskin," and "The Sleeping Beauty," are made new by de la Mare's poetic insights and graceful prose, making these tales appropriate for younger readers. With marvelous black and white illustrations by A. H. Watson, this volume also presents a splendid introduction by Philip Pullman, the contemporary master of fantasy literature.



ISBN: 9780691196299
Series:Oddly Modern Fairy Tales
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 248
Publication Date: 12 Nov 2019
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication City, Country: New Jersey, United States



"A wonderful book."-Michael Dirda, Washington Post
"A genuinely beautiful book. . . . These are stories that unfurl across a living landscape, however magical."-Billy O'Callaghan, Irish Examiner
"Each story has a remarkable read-aloud quality."-Anelise Farris, The Lion and the Unicorn
"This superb edition of Told Again brings a neglected work to twenty-first-century readers and is a great addition to the Oddly Modern Fairy Tales series. As Pullman's introduction shows, the collection sheds light on a poet's view of the wonder tale and its near relatives."-Pauline Greenhill, University of Winnipeg


Author Biography

Walter de la Mare (1873-1956) was a highly acclaimed poet, short story writer, and novelist. His many books include Memoirs of a Midget and Collected Stories for Children. Philip Pullman has written many books, including the best-selling and award-winning children's series His Dark Materials.

Told Again: Old Tales Told Again

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