Starting from a magazine assignment, Ken Wilkie continued to investigate the life of Van Gogh for the next thirty years and chased evidence of Van Gogh's unknown life all over Europe, from Belgium and the Netherlands to England and France. Ken Wilkie tracked down the last person alive to have actually known Van Gogh, as well as finding new details of his life that illuminate the sources of unhappiness in the artist's life, as well as the origins of his creativity. We find evidence of Van Gogh's relationship with a widow in Lambeth, the grave of a namesake still-born child in the Netherlands, and evidence of the terrible illness that affected both Vincent, and Theo, Van Gogh and which was suppressed by their family afterwards.



ISBN: 9780285636910
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 226
Edition: Main
Publication Date: 17 Jun 2004
Publisher: Profile Books Ltd
Publication City, Country: United Kingdom



"An interesting and entertaining exploration of various periods of Van Gogh's life. . . . Wilkie's enthusiasm and passion for the subject are contagious. . . . Wilkie's contributions to Van Gogh research over the years have been remarkable." VanGoghGallery.com


Author Biography

Ken Wilkie is a journalist who has contributed to many publications, including 'The Glasgow Herald and 'The New York Times' and 'The Sunday Times' among others. He currently edits 'Holland Herald', the KLM airline magazine, as well as writing for a variety of publications around the world.

The Van Gogh File: The Myth and the Man

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