An unforgettable novel of England's Civil War, from the bestselling author of The Last Hours and The Turn of Midnight.

'If you enjoy C.J. Sansom or Philippa Gregory, pick up this masterfully woven tale.' Better Reading on The Turn of Midnight

Dorset, 1642.

When bloody civil war breaks out between the King and Parliament, families and communities across England are riven by different allegiances.

A rare few choose neutrality.

One such is Jayne Swift, a Dorset physician from a Royalist family, who offers her services to both sides in the conflict. Through her dedication to treating the sick and wounded, regardless of belief, Jayne becomes a witness to the brutality of war and the devastation it wreaks.

Yet her recurring companion at every event is a man she should despise because he embraces civil war as the means to an end. She knows him as William Harrier, but is ignorant about every other aspect of his life. His past is a mystery and his future uncertain.

The Swift and the Harrier is a sweeping tale of adventure and loss, sacrifice and love, with a unique and unforgettable heroine at its heart.


ISBN13: 9781761065200
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of Pages: 512
Publication Date: 2 Nov 2021
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Publication City, Country: Millers Point, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 23.4(H) x 15.3(W) x (S)618
Weight (gm): 618

Author Biography

Minette Walters was one of the most successful crime fiction writers in the world. Published to critical acclaim in over 34 countries, each new novel reached the top of the Australian bestseller lists. Her last crime novel was The Chameleon's Shadow in 2007.

The Last Hours (2017) saw Minette moving in an exciting direction with an extraordinary historical novel set in 1348, the year the Black Death came to England. The story is brought to a thrilling and satisfying conclusion in The Turn of Midnight (2018). Set three centuries later, The Swift and the Harrier is Minette's newest historical novel.

Minette lives in Dorset with her husband.


The Swift and the Harrier

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