Few writers are as inextricably linked with a city as Raymond Chandler and Los Angeles. The neon-lit streets, mobbed-up joints and seedy rooming houses portrayed in his fiction were real places, familiar to Angelenos of the time, and in some cases recognisable today. This is a guide to the world of Raymond Chandler and his noble alter-ego, the private detective Philip Marlowe. It mixes locations from the books, the films and Chandler's personal life. There's the crummy dive where Moose Malloy went looking for Velma; the actual lounge where Marlowe and Terry Lennox ordered gimlets; the top-floor suite where oil executive Chandler got his priceless education in how a dirty, sun-drenched city really operated. This is the Los Angeles that Raymond Chandler carried in his heart. And now, you can too.



ISBN: 9781910023464
Audience: General
Format: Sheet map, folded
Number of Pages: 1
Publication Date: 1 Oct 2014
Publisher: Herb Lester Associates Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 15(H) x 12(L)


Author Biography

From Esotouric's true crime tours to her novel The Kept Girl, which stars the young Raymond Chandler, Kim is the premiere historian of L.A.'s lost lore. A native Angeleno, Paul has been making illustrations from a studio in Pasadena and tracking down Chandler locations for 35 years.

The Raymond Chandler Map Of Los Angeles

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