THE POWER OF NOW is the phenomenal bestselling self-help book of its generation - for spiritual followers of the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle demonstrates how to live a healthier and happier life by living in the present moment.

To make the journey into THE POWER OF NOW we need to leave our analytical mind and its false created self, the ego, behind. Although the journey is challenging, Eckhart Tolle offers simple language and a question-and-answer format to guide us.

Surrender to the present moment, where problems do not exist. It is here we find our joy, are able to embrace our true selves and discover that we are already complete and perfect. If we are able to be fully present and take each step in the 'now' we will be opening ourselves to the transforming experience of The Power of Now.

Translated into 33 languages and over 2 million copies sold, this is a book to be revisited again and again.



ISBN: 9780733641930
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 11 Dec 2018
Publisher: Hachette Australia
Publication City, Country: Sydney, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 21.9(H) x 14.1(L) x 2.6(W)
Weight (gm): 370



One of the best books to come along in years. Every sentence rings with truth and power. - Deepak Chopra

I heartily recommend this profoundly inspiring book to all seekers today. - Lama Surya Das, author of Awakening the Buddha Within


Author Biography

Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany, graduated from the University of London and worked at Cambridge University. When he was twenty-nine, a profound spiritual transformation virtually dissolved his old identity and radically changed the course of his life. He is now a counsellor and spiritual teacher. He shares his time between British Columbia, Canada, and California, USA.
The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

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