This pocket-size version of The Complete Color Harmony features the colour explorations, insights, and palettes included in the original version in a handy, take-along size. It's the one colour reference designers need. Get an introduction to using the colour wheel and discover the key aspects of colour, such as warm, cool, pale, and bright. Then, delve into moods and colour and see how a wide variety of palettes can come across as earthy, powerful, regal, calm, dependable, and more. In this book you'll discover: * Hundreds of organised colour palettes that can be used for a variety of art and design projects. * Why certain colours attract. * How colour evoke certain moods. * Advice on choosing the best colours to work with. * A CMYK process colour chart and colour swatches to make choosing colours and palettes easy. With all the expert information in this convenient portable guide, you'll feel confident in every colour choice.



ISBN: 9781631599200
Audience: Professional & Vocational
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 13 Oct 2020
Publisher: Rockport Publishers Inc.
Publication City, Country: Rockport, United States
Dimensions (cm): 12.7(H) x 12.7(L)


Author Biography

Tina Sutton is a veteran colour, consumer trends, and fashion marketing consultant for product developers, corporations, and advertising agencies. She has researched, written about, and lectured on the psychology of colour for numerous publications, arts institutions, and television and radio programs nationwide. Sutton is also a longtime style and features writer for The Boston Globe, and author of The Making of Markova: Diaghilev's Baby Ballerina to Groundbreaking Icon, a highly regarded biography of legendary dancer Alicia Markova.

The Pocket Complete Color Harmony: 1,500 Plus Color Palettes for Designers, Artists, Architects, Makers, and Educators

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