With forensic detail, Andrew Fowler provides a ringside seat at the epic battle that has made Julian Assange the USA's public enemy number one. Since it was first published, The Most Dangerous Man in the World has been translated and distributed in countries from China to Romania and the USA to Russia. Now, through recent interviews and the latest research, Fowler tells the extraordinary story of how a computer hacker with a turbulent childhood became holed up in London's Ecuador Embassy for seven years, and is now battling extradition to the USA from the notorious maximum security Belmarsh prison in London. Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg was called The Most Dangerous Man in America by the Nixon White House. In the Trump era, Ellsberg says Julian Assange, whose new journalism has made him powerful enemies, should be proud to be The Most Dangerous Man in the World.



ISBN: 9780522876857
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 376
Publication Date: 2 Jul 2020
Publisher: Melbourne University Press
Publication City, Country: Carlton, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 23.3(H) x 15.4(L) x 2.8(W)
Weight (gm): 540


Author Biography

Andrew Fowler is an award-winning investigative journalist and a former reporter for the ABC's Foreign Correspondent and Four Corners programs. Fowler began his journalism career in the early 1970s, covering the IRA bombing campaign for the London Evening News. He has been the chief of staff and acting foreign editor of The Australian newspaper. Fowler first interviewed Julian Assange for Foreign Correspondent in 2010, for which the program won the New York Festival Gold Medal. He wrote the first edition of The Most Dangerous Man in the World in 2011. His two other books are The War on Journalism (Random House, 2015) and Shooting the Messenger- Criminalising Journalism (Routledge, 2017). He was also a Walkley Award and Logie finalist for a major corruption investigation.
The Most Dangerous Man In The World: Julian Assange and WikiLeaks' Fight for Freedom

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