Spice up your card nights with this unofficial fan-created playing deck, featuring characters from the iconic show The Golden Girls.

In the Golden Girls deck of cards, it is the fearless foursome of Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche who each assume a suit in the deck of cards. The ever-romantic Blanche takes hearts, country-at-heart Rose takes spades, ever-wise Sophia takes clubs, and the sharp-witted Dorothy takes diamonds. Play a game of cards with the series rolling in the background for a truly immersive experience! This is one for the fans of the TV show that first aired more than thirty years ago and continues to gather ever more fans (thanks to the proliferation of streaming services).

Your card nights promise to be more fun than ever!



ISBN: 9781925418958
Audience: General
Format: Cards
Number of Pages: 54
Publication Date: 1 Nov 2018
Publisher: Smith Street Books
Publication City, Country: Australia
Dimensions (cm): 7.6(H) x 6.4(L)


Author Biography

Australian artist and illustrator Chantel de Sousa created the original, bright and fun look for this great set of playing cards.

The Golden Girls Playing Cards

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