Step into innovative little gardens of Eden created on small terraces and city rooftops, as well as out in the suburbs and countryside. As our lifestyles become more sustainable, so does the way we interact with the outdoors. Today's gardeners aim not only to create decorative outside spaces but also to give something back. No matter what size your patch is, it's easy to create diverse and rich environments for plants and insects, or grow your own vegetables or fruits. This book presents spaces that are more imaginative, diverse, and sustainable. Learn how to grow food in the city, get creative with native plants, and design greener corners within urban areas. Future Gardens looks at fascinating examples around the world, teaching what you can do for nature while revealing what a garden can do for you.



ISBN: 9783899559903
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 18 Feb 2020
Publisher: Die Gestalten Verlag
Publication City, Country: Berlin, Germany
Dimensions (cm): 26(H) x 21(L)



"in the shaken shakes of chaotic globalization, humanity rediscovers that it belongs to the same 'garden'" -- ELLE (Italy)
"A handsome book crammed with stunning photography of innovative garden design for greener urban and domestic life." -- GARDENS ILLUSTRATED
"documents gardens devised as experiments in ecology, as food sources or as simply nice places to sit." -- THE AGE
"features imaginative residential garden ideas from around the world" -- AD CLEVER
"adapts the Garden of Eden to our life and our time" -- CORRIERE DELLA SERA
"delves into the trending challenges of limited space, budget and time." -- HARPER'S BAZAAR
"A book entirely devoted to nature." -- MARIE CLAIRE
"Takes stock of our increasing appetite for winding down and experimenting with the art of gardening." -- ICON
Takes stock of our increasing appetite for winding down and experimenting with the art of gardening." -- ICON DESIGN ITALY


Author Biography

Abbye Churchill was the editorial director of Wilder Quarterly, and her first book, A Wilder Life, was featured in The New York Times Book Review. Her writing has also appeared in The New York Times, Vogue, Food & Wine, and W. She lives in Brooklyn, New York City.

The Gardens of Eden: New Residential Garden Concepts & Architecture for a Greener Planet

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