Unhappiness stalks us all, from that first painful slap in the delivery room to the final sorrow of a graveside service. Rather than attempt to alleviate or rise above life's trauma, the Crap Hound Big Book of Unhappiness instead enthusiastically catalogues popular culture s attempts to illustrate, channel and finally exploit our anxieties. Between a brief introduction and the end credits, the Crap Hound Big Book of Unhappiness is pure vintage 20th century imagery, carefully collected from old catalogues, advertising, obscure books, and found ephemera.



ISBN: 9781627310857
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 544
Publication Date: 31 Oct 2019
Publisher: Feral House,U.S.
Publication City, Country: Los Angeles, United States
Dimensions (cm): 22.1(H) x 29.1(L)



LiarTown-The First Four Years Since 2013, the 47-year-old has posted such meticulous fakes on a Tumblr blog called LiarTownUSA, a blend of satirical takedowns appealing both to fans of the Onion and to graphic design nerds yearning for perfect pastiches of 1950s erotic fiction or 70s knitting magazines. He is at his funniest, though, when he goes beyond the zone of plausibility and sends up today's smug mores. -- The Guardian Tejaratchi's book is dangerous to open if you're in a place where you're not supposed to laugh really hard or there are children. -- New Yorker


Author Biography

Sean Tejaratchi is a graphic designer and writer living in Los Angeles, California. He's designed books, created props for for documentary and film, written for television and radio, and is the creator of the zine Crap Hound.

The Crap Hound Big Book Of Unhappiness

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