A candid and courageous journey across continents and into the soul.

Part travel memoir, part David versus Goliath tale, part personal manifesto, Sabine Raschhofer's autobiography takes us across continents and into the soul, daring us to live life fully and authentically.

Raised in the idyllic Austrian Alps, Sabine is driven by an innate sense of adventure that propels her to every corner of the globe, from the islands of Indonesia to the mountains of Venezuela, from the South African coastline to the Canadian wilderness.

Fulfilling a childhood dream, she settles in Australia - where her entrepreneurial spirit and trail-blazing attitude leads to her greatest challenge of all . . .

Written with candour and courage, Screw the Rules is a book about truth and integrity, faith and love, bravery and resilience. It is about believing in yourself (and the universe), even when the odds are stacked against you - and the healing power of a beautiful sunset.

screw the rules follow your heart and do your thing

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