From essays on gender in the work of Louise Bourgeois to a review of Art Spiegelman's comix memoir Maus, Robert Storr: Writings on Art is expertly curated from his prolific output and illustrated with 175 images to accompany the texts. Written with Storr's signature intellect and wit, the book is the definitive collection of his multi-faceted writing and features the best of Storr's criticism, reviews, essays, and other writings from the 1980s to the mid 2000s. A must read for curators, students, artists, exhibition-goers and all those interested in the art and culture of today.


ISBN13: 9781912122288
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 700
Publication Date: 26 Nov 2020
Publisher: Heni Publishing
Publication City, Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dimensions (cm): 24(H) x 15(W) x (S)
Weight (gm):

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This isn't writing trying to be smart, but it will make you smarter.--William Corwin "Brooklyn Rail"
[Writings on Art 1980-2005] gives readers occasion to notice the ease with which Storr can move from generosity to bellicosity. On the one hand, he is a charitable writer who enjoys the pleasures of cerebral artists... sensualists..., and "archaeologists. But he is quick to denounce anyone he sees as proscriptive... self-indulgent..., or imperious towards public opinion... Today, as many critics bite their tongues out of fear of popular reprisals, concerns about professional liability, or an outright lack of conviction, Storr is still taking shots.--Pac Pobric "Artnet"
The 672-page collection spans two and a half decades of Storr's influential criticism, shedding light on some of the most consequential figures in modern and contemporary art [...] Informed by Storr's wide-ranging knowledge and his lived experience as an artist in his own right, these reviews, articles, and essays have risen above the often specialized, theory-dense discourse of the past half century to speak meaningfully and movingly to a general audience-- "Art Daily News"
Robert Storr: Writings On Art 1980-2005

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