Renovation continues to be an important and fundamental part of modern architecture, whether it be through a desire to preserve history, or resurrect an old family home. This book provides a useful overview of more than 30 case studies from across the globe, providing inspiring examples of how to refresh an old structure through sensitive modifications without changing the original architectural type. An inspiring guide to the daunting task of renovation, this book covers the whole process of renovating an old house, and provides fitting examples of work from around the world, and includes before and after photos to clearly illustrate the skilful work involved in adapting an older residence. The decision to renovate rather than rebuild brings its own set of complications, but this book reminds us that this is not a hopeless endeavour but rather one that refreshes the architecture and provides a revamped home, perfect for the modern world. SELLING POINTS: Forms an important and useful reference for architects, interior designers, and home owners Richly illustrated with more than 30 case studies from around the globe Provides detailed analysis of the process undergone in each case study Includes helpful before and after pictures An inspiring guide showcasing skilful renovations and adaptions of old homes for the modern lifestyle 500 colour images



ISBN: 9781864709001
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 1 Apr 2021
Publisher: Images Publishing Group Pty Ltd
Publication City, Country: Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 26(H) x 20(L)


Residences Reimagined: Successful Renovation and Expansion of Old Home

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