'The good, bad and downright rotten parts of Australia's criminal justice system are put on trial by Dr Xanthe Mallett. With her clear-eyed logic and objectivity, this compelling book identifies reasonable doubts which must keep prosecutors and defence lawyers awake at night.' Hedley Thomas, host of the Teacher's Pet podcast We all put our faith in the criminal justice system. We trust the professionals: the police, the lawyers, the judges, the expert witnesses. But what happens when the process lets us down and the wrong person ends up in jail? Henry Keogh spent almost twenty years locked away for a murder that never even happened. Khalid Baker was imprisoned for the death of a man his best friend has openly admitted to causing. And the exposure of 'Lawyer X' Nicola Gobbo's double-dealing could lead to some of Australia's most notorious convictions being overturned. Forensic scientist Xanthe Mallett is used to dealing with the darker side of humanity. Now she's turning her skills and insight to miscarriages of justice and cases of Australians who have been wrongfully convicted. Exposing false confessions, polices biases, misplaced evidence and dodgy science, Reasonable Doubt is an expert's account of the murky underbelly of our justice system - and the way it affects us all.



ISBN: 9781760784843
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 272
Publication Date: 28 Jul 2020
Publisher: Pan Macmillan Australia
Publication City, Country: Sydney, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 23.2(H) x 15.4(L) x 2.1(W)
Weight (gm): 336


Author Biography

Dr Xanthe Mallett is a forensic anthropologist and criminologist, author and television presenter. She has written two previous books: Mothers who Murder(2014) and Cold Case Investigations (2019). Xanthe is also a forensic practitioner, and works with police forces across Australia assisting with the identification of persons of interest in criminal cases, as well as providing advanced DNA technologies that assist with the identification of long-term deceased victims and suspects. In addition to her academic and professional work, Xanthe contributes to various true-crime television series, and is a regular contributor to crime news stories for television, radio and print media.
Reasonable Doubt

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