Did you know that an average person finds 198,743 nothings in a lifetime? That there are people who fear nothing? And that doing can kill you and help you at the same time? You're about to learn everything about nothing. This book is for the curious. The smartasses and the conversation starters. And for everyone who needs more of nothing in daily life. Read Nothing In Here is an unscientific exploration into the meaning, function, history and misuse of the word nothing. With 21 chapters, all about nothing, Read Nothing In Here is a fun read. The first notebook of the author Seema Sharma Write Nothing In Here really gives you the inspiration to come up with ideas out of nothing, this book is more meant to let you laugh, inform and inspire.



ISBN: 9789063694418
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 18 Aug 2016
Publisher: BIS Publishers B.V.
Publication City, Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dimensions (cm): 18.4(H) x 13.3(L)



"Readers who open its pages should expect the unexpected in an unusually thought-provoking survey containing not a few surprises."
- Donovan Literary Services


Author Biography

Seema Sharma is a Dutch creative and copywriter, she creates ideas out of nothing on a daily basis. What started as a personal method to find original ideas, turned out to be a valuable source of inspiration for many creators, thinkers and inventors. Her goal is to inspire more people to create ideas, thoughts and things out of nothing.

Read Nothing in Here: 21 Things You Should Know About Nothing

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