Fast-track your financial dreams with this Aussie property investment guide for the 2020s Positively Geared offers a powerful approach for clever property investment, empowering readers to make money when they buy properties, not just when you sell them. This sustainable approach to wealth building will equip you with the knowledge, skills and insider strategies to not only build a diverse property portfolio, but also maintain a portfolio that achieves passive income to reach your goal of financial freedom. Working as a teacher, author Lloyd Edge started to grow his wealth with an initial $30k investment. By the age of 40, he was able to retire from his nine-to-five job. Now a leading property investment strategist, Lloyd's shares his personal story and proven strategies with the hope of inspiring everyday Aussies - young and old - to dream big and proactively craft the lifestyle they really want. Positively Geared will enable you to: * Discover tested property investment strategies * Learn from real-life case studies and interactive exercises * Understand the importance of growth, instant equity, and cash flow when buying properties * Employ a strategy designed for property portfolio growth * Create a plan to achieve financial freedom based on real estate investment Whether you're a new or experienced property investor, you can take advantage of this unique approach to sustainable wealth building and take control of your finances, refocus on your objectives and start designing the lifestyle you want.



ISBN: 9780730384465
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 288
Publication Date: 1 Apr 2020
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Australia Ltd
Publication City, Country: Milton, QLD, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 22.9(H) x 15.3(L) x 2.2(W)
Weight (gm): 354


Author Biography

LLOYD EDGE went from a heavily-mortgaged one-bedroom apartment to a multi-million dollar property portfolio in just 10 years, and all on a teacher's wage. Today, he is the Managing Director and founder of Sydney-based buyer's agency, Aus Property Professionals. In 2018, he received the 'Your Investment Property' Top Buyers' Agent award and in 2019 he was a finalist in the Real Estate Business Awards.
Positively Geared: How to Build a Multi-million Dollar Property Portfolio from a $40K Deposit

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