The first couturier ever to transform his name into a global brand, Pierre Cardin is unique for his perpetual mode of creativity and self-promotion. His elixir of youth rigorous work sustains him. Renowned for his prodigious inventiveness, today he remains a kind of free electron, beaming his label throughout the world. Filled with fascinating images from the 1960s to today, this comprehensive anthology is the first to show the entire vision of Cardin from fashion to interior design, at a time when his creations are experiencing a resurgence. 200 illustrations



ISBN: 9781614285557
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 260
Publication Date: 15 Aug 2017
Publisher: Assouline
Publication City, Country: United States
Dimensions (cm): 35(H) x 28(L) x 2.7(W)


Pierre Cardin

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