Parable of Two Sons is the second novel of Christopher Bevan. It is a story about grief for the loss of a mother taken in her prime and the struggle of a father to raise their two young sons alone. It is a struggle endured during a mid-life crisis about his own sexuality as he faces a future without his only lover and the primary caregiver of his sons. It is a hard struggle, the limits of which are tested by the fracturing of the relationship between his sons due to the loss of their mother and its exacerbation by the eventual divergence in their sexuality. The story culminates in the belated redefinition of the relationship between the sons and their father in the immediate aftermath of his death 25 years later. AUTHOR: Christopher Bevan is a Sydney writer. From 1980-1989 he practiced as a young solicitor in Kempsey, not far from Kinchela Boys' Home, the largest home for part-aboriginal boys forcibly taken from their families under the aboriginal assimilation policy of the New South Wales Government. During that time, he came to learn of the story of the 600 boys sent to live at Kinchela Boys' Home from 1924-1970, or 'Kinchela boys', as they became known. Some 100 survivors now comprise the Kinchela Boys' Association. They and their contemporaries, male and female, became known as Australia's infamous 'Stolen Generations'. Christopher Bevan represented many of the survivors of the Stolen Generations and their families on instructions from the New South Wales Aboriginal Legal Service and New South Wales Legal Aid Commission in Kempsey. This work involved him appearing in courts on the mid-north coast, far north coast and northern tablelands regions of New South Wales in criminal and civil matters from 1980-1989. On taking up practice at the NSW Bar in 1991, Christopher Bevan continued to maintain a keen interest in the ongoing plight of 'the Stolen Generations' and, in particular, 'the Kinchela boys'. After reading the Report of the National Inquiry into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from Their Families, entitled Bringing them home, published in April 1997, he resolved to write a work of fiction which reflected his experiences and those in Bringing them home. A Kinchela Boy, his first novel, was written over a 7 year period from 2002-2009.



ISBN: 9780980815719
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 1 Feb 2013
Publisher: Bideena Publishing
Publication City, Country: Sydney, NSW, Australia


Parable of the Two Sons

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