The Okay, Let's Do This Pen Set - which includes three vintage-style ballpoint pens with hand-lettered barrels by artist and author Lisa Congdon - will inspire artists, journallers, and creative types to get their ideas down on paper. Packaged in a unique triangular keepsake box, these pens will add colour and cheer to any workspace. The positive messages on the barrels Okay, Let's Do This: Three Pens ('Okay, Let's Do This!,' 'Today is Going to Be Awesome,' and 'Eyes Forward, Heart Open') make this new format an easy gift, and a helpful reminder to a friend that they've got everything under control



ISBN: 9781797206844
Audience: General
Format: Other merchandise
Number of Pages: 1
Publication Date: 5 Oct 2020
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Publication City, Country: San Francisco, United States
Dimensions (cm): 15.9(H) x 9.5(L)


Author Biography

Artist and illustrator Lisa Congdon is best known for her colourful hand-lettering, paintings, drawings, and pattern design. Her work has been featured in numerous publications on- and offline, including 7 x 7, Martha Stewart Living, Dwell Magazine, Hi Fructose, Poketo, The Atlantic, and more. She keeps a daily blog about her life, work, and inspirations called 'Today is Going to be Awesome.' Lisa lives in Portland, Oregon, with her partner, her chihuahua, and two cats.

Okay, Let's Do This 3 Pens: Three Pens

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