For generations, the women of the Ndebele of Southern Africa have produced an art of remarkable richness and vitality. In their ceremonial beadwork and in large murals that cover the exterior walls of their mud dwellings, the Ndebele women have created designs that are both ancient and modern in their simplicity, bright colours and bold, abstract patterns.

For the first time, these works have been captured in photographs that show the full range of their amazing skill and invention.



ISBN: 9780500283875
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 204
Publication Date: 18 Nov 2002
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 28(H) x 28(L)



'These magnificent photographs help me to see how beautiful I am, and in fact they help me to see that wherever it is is to be found, the human spirit is beautiful, creative, innovative, resilient, and here to stay' - Maya Angelou
'The beauty of this book is unsurpassed in its combination of content and meaning. Its art is also the art of life' - Nadine Gordimer


Author Biography

Margaret Courtney-Clarke was brought up in Namibia. She has a worldwide reputation for her work as a photojournalist and for her painstaking but inspirational documentation of the art and architecture of Africa. Her other publications including African Canvas.

Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe

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