The impact of Mirka and Georges Mora on Australian art and food has been remarkable. Arriving in Melbourne in 1951 from Paris, they energised local society and transformed the culinary and artistic landscapes. Their apartment became a hub for the bohemian set, and their cafes and restaurants brimmed with sophisticated food, sexual intrigue and creative endeavours. Mirka's distinctive art, now collected by major galleries, was a vital part of this heady mix. Their eateries were magnets to the rich and famous, a who's who of the art world and those looking for a seriously good time. Mick Jagger was a customer. As were Bob Dylan, Barry Humphries, Jean Shrimpton, Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck, Marlene Dietrich, Fred Astaire, Maurice Chevalier and Graham Kennedy. Launched in the year of Mirka's 90th birthday, Mirka & Georges gloriously illustrates the Moras' extraordinary story, with the couple's classic French recipes, photographs from family albums and images from Mirka's studio by internationally renowned photographer Robyn Lea.



ISBN: 9780522876840
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 229
Publication Date: 2 Jul 2020
Publisher: Melbourne University Press
Publication City, Country: Carlton, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 25(H) x 19.2(L) x 2(W)
Weight (gm): 792


Author Biography

Lesley Harding and Kendrah Morgan are curators at Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne. They co-authored Sunday's Kitchen, Sunday's Garden and Modern Love- The Lives of John and Sunday Reed, which was shortlisted for the Victorian Premier's Award.
Mirka & Georges: A Culinary Affair

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