Walkley Award-winning journalist Tracey Spicer exposes the next frontier of feminism. Man-Made aims to open readers’ eyes to a transformative technological shift in society and give them the tools to make positive change.

`Mum, I want a robot slave.’

Broadcaster Tracey Spicer had an epiphany when her young son uttered these six words. Suddenly, her life’s work fighting inequality seemed futile. What’s the point in agitating to change the present, if bigotry is being embedded into our futures?

And so began a quest to uncover who was responsible and hold them to account. Who is the ultimate villain? Big Tech, whose titans refuse to spend money to fix the problem? The world’s politicians, who lack the will to legislate? Or should we all be walking into a hall of mirrors and taking a good, hard look at ourselves…?

This is a deeply researched, illuminating and gripping ride into an uncertain future, culminating in a resounding call to action that will shake the tech sector to its foundations.

Praise for Man-Made

‘Exhilarating … The book we need as we grapple with how AI will change our lives and our world.’ Dame Quentin Bryce

‘Brilliant, hilarious and terrifying. You’ll never see Alexa the same way again.’ Juanita Phillips

‘Tracey Spicer uses her unmistakably human voice to warn us all about the deeply sexist Frankenstein’s Monster that is modern AI.’ Yumi Stynes

man made

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