Thames & Hudson has enjoyed exceptional commercial success and critical acclaim in its collaborative ventures with Magnum, notably with Magnum Magnum and Magnum Contact Sheets , which have combined sales of over 200,000 copies to date across eleven languages. Magnum Photos's ongoing collaboration with Thames & Hudson has seen the creation of an exclusive range of paper-based gift products. Created with Magnum's full involvement, and with each product aimed at either the active photographer or those who simply love great photography, these beautifully produced gifts will connect the Magnum brand with a greater global audience than ever before.



ISBN: 9780500420843
Audience: General
Format: Postcard book or pack
Number of Pages: 42
Publication Date: 21 Sep 2017
Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 35.4(H) x 27.6(L)
Weight (gm): 610


Author Biography

Magnum Photos, the world's most prestigious photographic agency, was formed in 1947 by four photographers: Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, George Rodger and David 'Chim' Seymour. Their members are renowned for their intelligence in combining both reporter and artist in the photographer's role - attributes that have defined Magnum for over 60 years, and continue to do so.
Magnum Cycling Poster Book

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