"In 'The Wave', a young man falls dangerously in love with the tenant downstairs, who is engaged to be married; in 'The Signorina', a flirtatious young woman is caught between her feelings and her parents' desire for a good match; in 'A Friend to the Wives', the peerless Pia Tolosani leaves a trail of regret in the life of a former suitor. In this collection of stories - Pirandello's first published work of fiction - the master of Italian modernism dissects the passions that are either dimly felt or unrequited, ultimately raising doubts about the very nature and existence of love, while simultaneously foreshadowing the themes and the psychologically nuanced characters that he would go on to develop in his later works."



ISBN: 9781847498113
Series: Alma Classics 101 Pages
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 29 Oct 2019
Publisher: Alma Books Ltd
Publication City, Country: Richmond, United Kingdom
Weight (gm): 124


Author Biography

Born in Sicily, Luigi Pirandello (1867-1936) studied as a philologist before becoming an acclaimed writer of both drama and fiction. One of the most innovative and influential playwrights of the last century, he is best known for his comic masterpiece Six Characters in Search of an Author, and was the winner of the 1934 Nobel Prize for Literature.
Loveless Love

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