"A logo should be distinctive, memorable and clear. To be great, it should do those things better than the rest." - Michael Evamy This bestselling branding bible has provided graphic designers with an indispensable reference source for over a decade. Logo is now getting a revamp with the addition of over 300 new logos in this fully revised and updated edition. The book contains a vast visual collection of over 1,600 symbols and logotypes, including 300 brand new logos. All the logos are grouped into visual categories such as crosses, stars, crowns, animals and people, and are shown in black and white to further emphasise the visual form. The logos are from a diverse range of companies and includes design masters such as Paul Rand and Saul Bass alongside some of the most exciting work from contemporary designers. This compelling compendium takes the reader on a journey showing how each form has evolved through history. All logos are active and include household names like Disney, Apple, and Starbucks next to lesser known designs giving a comprehensive snapshot of the full scope of logo design. This is a complete, taxonomical guide to the history, development, and style of identity design. The must-have book for any graphic designer, student or type fanatic in a fully revised, updated edition. "The next time you are tempted to design a logo, take a look at this book. Chances are, it has already been done. By raising the bar, this wonderful resource will make better designers of all of us." - Michael Bierut, Pentagram



ISBN: 9781786275813
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 432
Edition: Revised edition
Publication Date: 11 Feb 2021
Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 25.2(H) x 19.8(L)


Author Biography

Michael Evamy is a design journalist, author and copywriter, and works with major design companies on branding and identity projects. His previous books include Logotype and, with Lucienne Roberts, Insight.

Logo, revised edition

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