Individual relationships with colour are as many and varied as hues on the spectrum. Telling stories about colour, however, unites us in a universal appreciation of the integral role colour plays in all our lives, the way it shapes our memories, affects our moods and heightens our experiences. Lives in Colour is a collection of honest tales told by a diverse group of creative individuals about the way colour weaves its thread through their professional and personal endeavours.

Profiled identities include chefs, designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers, artists and authors: Nellie Ryan, Cameron McKenzie, Linda Bull, Isamu Sawa, Nina Norden, Rick Eckersley, Suzie Stanford, Jochen Brocks, Shyamla Eswaran, Joost Bakker, Kate Ballis, Kez Hughes, David Quirk, Emma Abrahams, Lyndall Mitchell, Buddy King, Mardi Doherty, Philip Stokes, Clare Cousins, David Roberts-Thomson, Sophie Kovic, Ingrid Fetell Lee, Benjamin Fountain, Simone Haag, Ronit Robbaz-Franco, David Coles, Jacinta Demetriou, Nick and Renee Garnham, Tricia Welsh and Alison Kubler.



ISBN: 9781743796535
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 8 Jul 2020
Publisher: Hardie Grant Books
Publication City, Country: South Yarra, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 25.5(H) x 20(L)


Author Biography

This title has been edited by Helen Radden (an award-winning specialist non-fiction editor), who has also contributed interviews along with some of Australia's most respected writers: Sharon Bradley, Vanessa Murray, Mitchell Oakley-Smith, Chad Parkhill, and Michael Shmith. Photography has been executed by a host of experienced photographers from Australia, New Zealand and the United States: Julian Kingma, James Geer, Anita Beaney, Johnny Miller, Luisa Brimble, Steve Caudwell, Jamie Green, Aaron Jones, Christopher Morris, Joanna Wickham, Richard Whitfield and Alice Wint.

Lives in Colour

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