Life Meets Art is an unparalleled behind-thescenes tour of some of the most fascinating, inspirational and unique home interiors in the world. The living spaces of hundreds of the globe's most talented people in the spheres of art, design, fashion, literature, music, and film, here provide inspiration for anyone fascinated by stylish living, creative interior design and the myriad possibilities for home decor. It's a fascinating glimpse into the homes of some of the greatest creatives in history - painters, sculptors, novelists, poets, fashion designers, composers, musicians, architects, and more



ISBN: 9781838661311
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 304
Publication Date: 15 Oct 2020
Publisher: Phaidon Press Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 29(H) x 25(L) x 3.3(W)



"Life Meets Art, a new book by Phaidon, takes readers inside the homes of 250 prominent creatives throughout history to provide visual inspiration for interior design, decor and stylish living. "-DuJour

"Fascinating...interior styles range from baroque, classical, and arts-and-crafts to romantic, minimal, maximal, and modernist, spanning the 15th century to the present, offering inspiration for myriad tastes."-Publishers Weekly

"...a gorgeous compilation of interiors from the homes of famous artists past and present as a way of exhibiting each creator's "power and legacy." This inspired and aesthetically pleasing survey is perfect for anyone seeking interior design inspiration."-Publishers Weekly

"It's only natural when moseying around an art fair to imagine how the works on show might look in your house. For inspiration, have a leaf through Life Meets Art - a book that invites you to peer inside the homes of some of the most creative folk in the fields of art, architecture, fashion, music and design."-The Modern House

"A global photographic tour. "-Art Mag


Author Biography

Sam Lubell has written eight books about architecture, including California Captured and two travel guides to mid-century modern architecture in the USA, all from Phaidon. He is a contributing editor at The Architect's Newspaper and writes for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Atlantic, Architectural Record, Architectural Review, and other publications.

Life Meets Art: Inside the Homes of the World's Most Creative People

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