As seen in Good Weekend- one hundred of Paul Connolly's beloved one-hundred-word vignettes along with Jim Pavlidis's whimsical illustrations. From tempestuous family roasts to the first blooms of young love, from relationship missteps to moments of familial joy, Kitchen Sink Drama reflects domestic life in all its messy, delightful and humorous glory. With characters depicted in nuanced fullness, these poignant, pithy stories capture the truth at the heart of so many of our experiences-each one a glimpse of a whole world. Kitchen Sink Drama is a collection of some of the finest writing on the human condition.



ISBN: 9781922330307
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 1 Dec 2020
Publisher: Text Publishing
Publication City, Country: Melbourne, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 14.6(H) x 14.4(L) x 1.8(W)
Weight (gm): 274



'I hate those Kitchen Sink Dramas. They're so clever and funny and succinct, it kills me that I can't come up with anything that good.' * Danny Katz *
'Kitchen Sink Drama is my ideal book. With a wonderful economy of language it perfectly captures our funny ways. The stories are so droll and the lovely pictures so wise.' * Jane Turner *
'Somehow, Paul Connolly manages to convey in 100 magic words what takes the rest of us thousands.' * Benjamin Law *
'There is a gentle, quizzical humour at play in these bite-sized vignettes...an intriguing example of what can work in such an abbreviated form.' * Sydney Morning Herald *


Author Biography

Paul Connolly is a journalist, writer and university tutor. His work has appeared in the Monthly, the Guardian, the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Sun-Herald, and Qantas magazine among many other publications. His books include The World's Weirdest Sports and The Mighty Bras, and he edited the anthology Father Figures. Paul lives in Melbourne with his family. Jim Pavlidis is a painter and illustrator. His work is held in several public collections including the Australian National Gallery, State Libraries of Victoria and New South Wales, Geelong Gallery, Mornington Peninsula Regional Gallery, and Victoria and Albert Museum, London. In 2015 his portrait of Ross Hannaford won the Rick Amor Print Prize and he won Melbourne Press Club Quill awards for best artwork in 2015 and best cartoon in 2019. Jim has been an artist with the Age for thirty years.
Kitchen Sink Drama

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