Put your thoughts, feelings, and other messages up in lights with the ITTY-BITTY MARQUEE!

Light up your life and your thoughts with the ITTY-BITTY MARQUEE! Inspired by classic cinema and theater marquees, this customizable kit includes letters, symbols, and numbers that you can slide into place onto a mini marquee sign--the itty bitty marquee is also lined with tiny lights that twinkle and shine! It's the perfect way for displaying--and drawing attention to--any personalized message in your home or office.

This kit includes:

- Mini marquee sign (3.62" x 2.78") with unique light feature including 4 changeable modes: Steady, Twinkle, Slow Fade, and Chasing

- 100 black PVC tiles featuring an assortment of letters, numbers, characters, symbols, and blank tiles



ISBN: 9780762494231
Audience: General
Format: Undefined
Number of Pages: 1
Publication Date: 25 Apr 2019
Publisher: Running Press
Publication City, Country: Philadelphia, United States
Dimensions (cm): 9.8(H) x 7.6(L) x 5(W)
Weight (gm): 120


Author Biography

Running Press, Running Press Kids, and Running Press Miniature Editions publish books that inspire, entertain and delight readers with innovative formats and irresistible packages for humor, pop culture, activity, cooking and self-help titles. The long-running miniature editions program features original bestsellers like Grow Your Own Mini Bonsai and top licenses like Harry Potter.
Itty Bitty Marquee: Light It Up!

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