Inga Clendinnen was one of Australia's greatest writers and thinkers. This selection covers the full scope of her writing, from Tiger's Eye to Aztecs, from her Boyer Lectures to essays on all manner of topics. The rich array is introduced by acclaimed historian James Boyce, who traces Clendinnen's life and evolving thought. Boyce writes that Clendinnen's 'ability to write serious history for a general readership was unrivalled in this country ... Her writings are an enduring testament to the truth that while we might "live within the narrow moving band of time we call the present ... the secret engine of our present is our past, with its plastic memories, its malleable moralities, its wreathing dreams of desirable futures".'



ISBN: 9781760641917
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 400
Publication Date: 4 May 2021
Publisher: Black Inc.
Publication City, Country: Australia
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Author Biography

James Boyce is the multi-award-winning author of Born Bad, 1835, Van Diemen's Land and Losing Streak- How Tasmania Was Gamed by the Gambling Industry. He has a PhD from the University of Tasmania where he is an honorary research associate.
Inga Clendinnen: Selected Writings

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