Are your employees meeting their goals? Is their work improving over time? Understanding where your employees are succeeding-and falling short-is a pivotal part of ensuring you have the right talent to meet organizational objectives.
In order to work with your people and effectively monitor their progress, you need a system in place. The HBR Guide to Performance Management provides a new multi-step, cyclical process to help you keep track of your employees' work, identify where they need to improve, and ensure they're growing with the organization.
You'll learn to:
* Set clear employee goals that align with company objectives
* Monitor progress and check in regularly
* Close performance gaps
* Understand when to use performance analytics
* Create opportunities for growth, tailored to the individual
* Overcome and avoid burnout on your team
Arm yourself with the advice you need to succeed on the job, with the most trusted brand in business. Packed with how-to essentials from leading experts, the HBR Guides provide smart answers to your most pressing work challenges.



ISBN: 9781633692787
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 11 Jul 2017
Publisher: Harvard Business Review Press
Publication City, Country: United States
Dimensions (cm): 22.9(H) x 12.7(L)


Author Biography

Harvard Business Review is the leading destination for smart management thinking. Through its flagship magazine, 11 international licensed editions, books from Harvard Business Review Press, and digital content and tools published on HBR.org, Harvard Business Review provides professionals around the world with rigorous insights and best practices to lead themselves and their organizations more effectively and to make a positive impact. Author social media/website info: hbr.org; @HarvardBiz; linkedin.com/company/harvard-business-review; facebook.com/harvardbusinessreview; youtube.com/user/harvardbusinessreview

HBR Guide to Performance Management (HBR Guide Series)

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