MEET JESSIE, CARA AND NELL. Married to brothers Johnny, Ed and Liam Casey. Three very different women tied to three very different men. Every family occasion is a party - until the day the secrets spill out. PLAYTIME IS OVER. BUT WHERE ARE THE GROWN-UPS?



ISBN: 9781405918787
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 656
Publication Date: 4 Feb 2021
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Publication City, Country: London, United Kingdom
Dimensions (cm): 19.8(H) x 12.9(L) x 3.6(W)
Weight (gm): 460



Comic, convincing and true. Grown Ups has an almost Austenesque insight into character. Keyes knows how to make serious issues relatable - and get a few grownup laughs, too * Guardian *
Messy, tangled complex humans who reminded me that few of us ever really sort out our lives at all * Jojo Moyes *
Magnificently messy lives, brilliantly untangled. Funny, tender and completely absorbing! * Graham Norton *
I loved every word of Grown Ups. I will be missing those gorgeous vibrant characters for many weeks to come. There should be a word to describe the sadness and satisfaction you feel when you read the last page of a Marian Keyes novel: the ending is perfect but you still want more, more, more * Liane Moriarty *
I LOVED Grown Ups so much. It's SUCH a treat. I felt like I was rolling in PURE JOY throughout. The cleverest cream cake of words * Caitlin Moran *
You may have written the best book of your career * Chris Evans, Virgin Radio *
Funny and moving, with an acute eye for family foibles * Ian Rankin, bestselling author of the John Rebus thrillers *
It is charming, funny and poignant. But also profound, heartbreaking. If you already love Marian, this is her best yet. If you haven't read her, this is the one * Nina Stibbe *
Marian Keyes shows superb skill at tackling tough themes in this tale of a clan with secrets. Grown Ups is a warm-hearted, wise and highly entertaining portrayal of how families behave; and of the love and tolerance required to sustain our closest relationships * Hannah Beckerman, Observer *
A novel that is warm and witty but never afraid to tackle the big stuff * Elizabeth Day, Mail on Sunday *
Keyes at her best: capturing everyday voices with humour and empathy with writing that you'll devour in a weekend. Just pure and simple joy. * Stylist *
A brilliant bunch of flawed individuals, all battling to understand themselves and those around them. Definitely worth devouring this year! What a treat * Giovanna Fletcher *
Marian's chatty style pulls readers in with warmth, wit and high drama * The Sunday Times Online *
Grown Ups is big-hearted and entertaining, dark, funny and hugely empathetic * Daily Express *
Her most ambitious work. Delightful, bursting with wit and compassion * iNews *
Keyes's latest novel might just be her greatest . . . Subtle, sophisticated storytelling * Independent *
This beauty of a book just took the crown as my new favourite Marian Keyes novel (and that is a HIGH bar). It's tender, hilarious, important, with characters who feel as real as your own family by the time you're done. I put it down and felt bereft * Beth O'Leary *
A book that will make you laugh out loud, get choked up, and be very annoyed when you get to the end and have to say goodbye to all these characters. Marian's storytelling skills make you care deeply about each and every one of them * The Sun Online *
Funny, thought-provoking and will get you right in the feels * Red *
THIS BOOK. Reader, I LOVED it. Funny & thoughtful & such brilliantly drawn characters I am genuinely bereft that my time with them is over. And it tackles some REALLY important issues with immense sensitivity & insight * Hannah Beckerman *
Rejoice! Marian's back with her best book yet! An absolutely brilliant story with a very powerful emotional punch * Best *
A new book from the witty Irish novelist. When Cara Casey suffers concussion, she starts spilling the secrets of her glamorous, talented family. All is not as it seems * The Times, Ones to watch in 2020 *

Sensitive, funny, wonderful, immensely touching

* Nigella Lawson *
Immersive... I absolutely loved it! * Jill Mansell *
Grown Ups is perfection. Smart, dark, layered. Her best yet! * Gillian McAllister *
Marian Keyes's gift for storytelling is utterly magnificent. I feel like I've met every single character in this book. I may even be a character in this book. Nobody nails chaotic families like Marian * Liz Nugent *
She's only gone and done it again! I love Marian Keyes' books with a passion and now she's got a fabulous new one on the way! Brilliant as ever * Jane Fallon *
It's a page-turner you won't be able to put down * The Sunday Post *
Marian Keyes manages to wrap family dynamics, female angst, good jokes and serious stuff into a really appealing form * Woman's Own Magazine *
Marian Keyes is back with a witty and dramatic story about the Caseys, a family who seem perfect on the surface but hold some big secrets between them. When one of them starts to spill the truth after suffering concussion, things start to unravel in hilarious ways * Good Housekeeping *
Happy making with glorious wit * Helen Lederer *
This has the ingredients of the best of Keyes: great characters, laughs and poignancy. Keyes brilliantly captures that feeling of never quite being a grown-up, no matter your age * Good Housekeeping *
We've heard whispers that this could be the much-loved author's best novel yet * Cosmopolitan, 2020s Biggest Books *
The irresistible tale of an enviably glamorous family forced to confront itself * Daily Mail, Top Picks of 2020 *
Tackling the realities of modern-day consumerism, Keyes' new book Grown Ups is the story of three brothers and their families written with her usual deft mix of witty storytelling and delicate touchpoint topics. It's brilliant so read it * Stylist *
The queen of the classy comfort read returns with this warm, wise and witty family saga which asks what really lies behind the happiest of facades * i Paper, Books of 2020 *
A family drama, where a concussion causes a spilling of secrets with amusing results * Irish Tatler, Top Picks of 2020 *
A new Keyes is always cause for celebration. The wit and warmth of her words in her 14th novel tell the story of the Caseys, a supposedly perfect family, torn apart by a careless remark at a birthday party * Grazia, Ones to watch in 2020 *
Marian Keyes is back and all is right with the world. No one mixes humour and heartbreak quite like Marian * Red *
The latest novel from the beloved Irish author, Grown Ups delves into the Casey family whose secrets start to spill after one member gets concussed * Evening Standard, Books to look forward to in 2020 *
This is vintage Keyes * The Times *
Grown Ups is big-hearted and entertaining, a dark, funny and empathetic exploration of a dysfunctional family and the loving ties that bind them together * Sunday Express *
A new novel by Marian Keyes is always cause for celebration, and this latest is a corker. By the end you'll definitely feel part of the family * Mail Online *
No one knows better than Marian Keyes what it's like trying to be a grown up in modern Ireland. Keyes is on top form as ever, and this delightful book will warm those cold winter bones * Image *
A heartening, pacey read * SheerLuxe *
Smart, savvy and very funny, Keyes takes the pulse of the nation while simultaneously tickling its funny bone * RTE Guide *
Promises themes of love and family, all bound together with Keyes' trademark humour * Harrow Times *
A hilarious read * Bella *
Bursting with wit and compassion. Grown ups is as alive, complicated and chaotic as any real-life family, evoking extraordinary tenderness, pain and humour. -- Francesca Steele * inews *
The queen of fiction has launched another blockbuster. I couldn't put this book down * The Echo (Cork) *
Chuck envy, illicit passion and financial pressures into the pot and soon this carefully constructed broth is simmering to the boil * Cornish Times *
Funny, clever and hilarious and the rest, an epic tale of an epic family, the Caseys * RTE Guide *
A funny and thoughtful read * Prima *
Up there with her best * Sunday Express *
A fabulous account of family and secrets, calling into question how civilised and "grown up" any of us actually are * Glamour UK *
A fabulous account of family and secrets * Glamour UK *
Marian Keyes nails the zeitgeist while handling a huge cast of characters with aplomb * Express and Star *
The absolute queen of astute, moving and cracking-good-fun contemporary fiction returns * The Sun *
Dazzlingly brilliant * Dereham Times *
Brilliant as ever * Stellar *
It's everything you could want in a Keyes book - funny, warm, tender and a complete page turner * The Handbook *
A fabulous account of family and secrets, calling into question how civilised and "grown up" any of us actually are * Glamour UK *
A witty and compassionate story of modern life and relationships * Candis *
An entertaining, sharp read that peels back the layers and nuances which shape the realities of family life and being an adult. Humorous, heart-warming and relatable * Stylist *
Packed with emotional turmoil, but is light on her trademark wry wit and acerbic humour * Luxe *
Keyes touches on the difficulties of broken relationships; eating disorders; emotional insecurity and other weighty subjects with her trademark humour and lightness of touch * Connaught Telegraph *
Our Marian is back! And Grown Ups is one of her best yet, creating another memorable family saga * Stellar *
Brilliantly plotted family saga * Tracy Thorn, New Statesman *
A warm-hearted and wise tale of a family in trouble. Packed full of sharp observations and laugh-out-loud lines * i *
Her writing just gets better and better . . . Grown Ups is funny and clever in the way it tackles addiction and eating disorders and the hurly burly of family life * Waitrose Weekend *
A sharp satire of family dynamics and the trappings of wealth. It is a delicious thing - light and dark at once, full of acid observations and warmth, and fully attuned to the absurdities of familial life * The Gentleman's Journal *
An entertaining story of family dynamics packed with vibrant characters, humour and empathy * The Sunday Times *
A sharp, wry tale about a seemingly happy family with contemporary problems . . . despite the traumas, you'll whizz through it with a smile on your face * Oxfordshire Limited Edition *
Keyes's captivating 14th novel tackles difficult issues with a sparkling style that makes it impossible to put down * Daily Mail *
Her novels tackle hard subjects with such humour and warmth its impossible not to be drawn in -- Jane Harper * Daily Mail *
Another high-definition family comedy. An intoxicating, effervescent and warm look at modern life * Metro *
A delightful and insightful examination of the modern family -- Holly Bourne * Beastmag *
Laughter and tears intertwine, as ever, in the latest from our leading chronicler of the emotional messiness of contemporary life * Guardian *
The strength of this book lies in its relatability factor - I laughed, cried, nodded in recognition and laughed again * Irish News *
Shines a light on the frustrations and gripes of family life, while inviting us to laugh at the petty reality of it all * London Living *
A book to fall into and while away hours with * Writers Online *
Funny, thought-provoking and hitting you right in the feels, Marian Keyes does it again * Red Online *
I loved this complex family drama . . . Keyes nails every character she touches while keeping it all so relevant -- Jamie Klingler * iNews *
Praise for Marian Keyes * - *
Mercilessly funny * The Times *
Everything this woman touches turns to comic gold * Cosmopolitan *
Comic, convincing and true. The warmth and empathy of Keyes's writing shine through this tale of family secrets revealed. -- Katy Guest * Guardian *
Clever, hilarious, poignant . . . Gloriously funny * Sunday Times *
Wildly funny, romantic and nearly impossible to put down * Daily Mail *
Her writing is a lovely mixture of funny and perceptive and bittersweet * Cressida Cowell *
Full of brilliantly funny characters, genuine emotion and heaps of charm * Heat *
Her books are humorous and have the quality of a warm bath * The Times *
Classic Marian Keyes: a blizzard of wit and wisecracks * The Times *
Keyes is an international treasure. The ultimate choice for a binge read * Stylist *
When it comes to writing page-turners that put a smile on your face and make you think, Keyes is in a class of her own * Daily Express *
Fabulously entertaining. The queen of intelligent women's fiction * Sunday Mirror *
Full of darkness and light, this is Keyes at her classic and most brilliant best * Red *
Keyes writes about women who are absolutely themselves, even when society tries to insist they are something else * Irish Times *
Glorious, life-affirming * Woman & Home *
Marian's glorious, warm-hearted wit is always guaranteed to make me laugh on the very first page
There is no finer writer than Marian Keyes
She really is unparalleled when it comes to making serious points with the lightest of touches * The Pool *
Hilariously wise * Prima *
Brutal yet endearing honesty, wonderful humour and astonishing acumen
Keyes writes extremely well about modern women. Candid and deeply felt * Metro *
Marian Keyes has an unparalleled talent for making you howl with laughter, nod in recognition and think at the same time * Good Housekeeping *
Always brilliant - and brilliantly funny * Best *
A publishing sensation * Daily Express *
There are few fiction writers today with as much verve and sense of independence as Marian Keyes * Daily Telegraph *


Author Biography

Marian Keyes is the international bestselling author of Watermelon, Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married, Rachel's Holiday, Last Chance Saloon, Sushi for Beginners, Angels, The Other Side of the Story, Anybody Out There, This Charming Man, The Brightest Star in the Sky, The Mystery of Mercy Close, The Woman Who Stole My Life, The Break and Grown Ups. Her journalism, collected under two titles, Making It Up As I Go Along and Under the Duvet- Deluxe Edition, containing the original publications Under the Duvet and Further Under the Duvet, are also available from Penguin. Marian lives in Dublin with her husband.
Grown Ups: The Sunday Times No 1 Bestseller 2020

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