Randal Ford now focuses his portraiture lens on the one species that has been by our side for millennia: our best friend. Good Dog captures the warmth, humour, and unconditional love that is at the heart of every dog. From mutts beaming with charisma and charm to show dogs exuding grace and elegance, Ford's 150 dog portraits bring out the dog lover in all of us.

With a compelling essay by W. Bruce Cameron, this warm, tender, playful, and heartfelt collection of dog portraits gives us a beautiful look into the lives of our most cherished companions.



ISBN: 9781599621487
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 208
Publication Date: 22 Sep 2020
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
Publication City, Country: New York, United States
Dimensions (cm): 27.4(H) x 21.6(L)



"When in doubt, a coffee table book is always a fun gift, and any dog lover will appreciate Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits. This beautiful book is filled with 150 dog portraits taken by photographer Randal Ford, and it features pooches of all ages and breeds. The photograph-filled book is incredibly fun to flip through, and we think it would make a perfect addition to any dog enthusiast's home."
--USA Today

"Photographer Randal Ford has done it again. Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits is a humorous, silly, and heartwarming compendium of snapshots of man's best friend. Ford, one of the most prolific animal photographers out there and highly admired for his stunning book Animal Kingdom--which features animal portraits taken in-studio--is back with a book worthy of much love. With 150 dog portraits spanning all breeds...there is no end to the joy emanating from these pages. An engaging foreword by W. Bruce Cameron, a much-loved newspaper columnist and New York Times best-selling author of the A Dog's Purpose series, offers an unyielding stamp of approval. As he says 'What Randal Ford can do with his lens is let dogs communicate their stories of love and loyalty, of dedication and devotion. If there is a creature more joyous than a dog, I don't know what it is. And in this miracle of a book, all the mischief and happiness and love and fun come through the dogs' eyes and straight as us.' We'd have to agree. The joy a furry companion infuses into any life is unarguable, but with Good Dog, Ford has offered a new way to enjoy the comfort dogs bring. The book also serves as a fantastic stocking stuffer or holiday gift for new, constant, and soon-to-be 'pawrents.'"
-- Downtown Magazine NYC

There's nothing standard about these poodles. Local photographer Randal Ford just released his second Rizzoli book, Good Dog, a stunning collection of portraits of man's best friend. Flip the pages for studio shots of four-legged character studies like bearded Ceelo, pictured above, Enzo--a rare black-splotched Golden--and adorable bi-color eyed Buckley. Photos are accompanied by Randal's beautiful prose about what made each canine captivating from behind the lens. Who's a good cover boy? -- DALLAS TIDBITS

Best Gifts for Dog Lovers... Photographer Randal Ford's collection of portraits features sweet furry faces of all breeds and is the perfect addition to any dog fan's coffee table. -- Country Living

The Best Coffee-Table Books of 2020. Think your pup is practically human? These striking portraits of 150 soulful, expressive canines prove you might just might be onto something.
--People Magazine

Design Goes to the Dogs--in the Best Possible Way! Ford's lovely images in this Rizzoli volume have a classical simplicity to them, all the dogs posed like supermodels, some with wind in their fur, against plain backgrounds. Ford is a kind of Richard Avedon of dog art, in most cases avoiding the arty whimsy of William Wegman in favor of a more noble take that looks into the subject's eyes for understanding; it wouldn't be surprising if the dogs themselves had commissioned these flattering portraits.
-- 1st Dibs / Introspective Magazine


Author Biography

Randal Ford's works have appeared on the cover of Time magazine, twenty different Texas Monthly covers, and the cover of Communication Arts, the advertising industry's most prestigious publication. His works have been commissioned and collected across the globe. Few photographers in the world have photographed as many animals in studio as Ford. His first book, The Animal Kingdom (Rizzoli), was named an Amazon.com Best Photography Book of 2018.

Good Dog: A Collection of Portraits

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