The sensibility of interior design firm Nickey Kehoe ranges from minimal to maximal, quiet to baroque, but always seeks to express the ephemeral feeling of a space. "We're fascinated by how a room can come together to become its own persona," Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe write in their introduction to Golden Light: The Interior Design of Nickey Kehoe. "We love keeping things simple, as though the design 'just happened.'" Describing themselves as object-obsessed observers, Nickey and Kehoe pay keen attention to their clients' passions, preferences, and beloved pieces, juxtaposing elements and styles in deceptively simple ways. The result is interior design that appears as if it were a personal collection randomly put together, when in fact it is the product of their very mindful curation.

Each of Nickey Kehoe's projects begins with the process of determining how their clients define good design, sophistication, and fun, and identifying what draws them in, all to achieve a sense of equilibrium between what is elegant but never staid, proud but humble, full of detail but resplendent with negative space. Then they add a bit of the unexpected - a combination of layered patterns and palettes, different time periods, humorous gestures, clever lighting--any element that keeps their impeccable sense of balance from becoming too predictable or formulaic.

This collection of residential interiors is for the curious, for lovers of studied but unfussy design - for those who appreciate being surrounded by beautiful things with a story to tell.



ISBN: 9780847865260
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 240
Publication Date: 15 Sep 2020
Publisher: Rizzoli International Publications
Publication City, Country: New York, United States
Dimensions (cm): 30.5(H) x 22.9(L)



To look at an interior designed by the Los Angeles team of Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe is, at first, to see a highly personal reflection of those who live in the space. And while that is true, the interiors are, decidedly, the result of Nickey and Kehoe's uncanny ability to make rooms personal, both to their clients but also to their aesthetics as designers. There is a kind of golden glow about each of their creations. Here is the opportunity to bask in them. --MILIEU MAGAZINE

Have you, too, been struck by the consistently appealing home products made recently available by Nickey Kehoe? Beautiful yet understated, they seem to succeed in their collective ability to suit many separate senses of taste. Nonetheless, the answer to their true underpinnings rests on the solid foundation that is the Nickey Kehoe design firm. Founded in Los Angeles by Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe, the firm's dual vision is made all the more clear by this new publication. Quietly beautiful and traditional yet clean-lined, their interiors are the type of happy middle ground that so many individuals are increasingly turning toward. As for their portfolio, it would make for a welcome addition to any home's coffee table or, come to think of it, reference library shelf. --ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST.COM

We're all experiencing a new intimacy with our own spaces." That level of at-home intimacy is further explored through [Nickey Kehoe's] upcoming book, Golden Light: The Interior Design of Nickey Kehoe, which serves as a retrospective for their nearly two- decade-long design journey. The title is an homage to California's famous light, Nickey explains. --CALIFORNIA HOMES


Author Biography

Todd Nickey and Amy Kehoe helm a versatile Los Angeles design studio and boutique, which houses their growing handmade furniture collection alongside vintage pieces and home accessories sourced the world over. These hunter-gatherers of good taste populate established Nickey Kehoe in 2004.

Golden Light: The Interior Design of Nickey Kehoe

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