A dangerous man moves in with a mother and her two adolescent children. The man runs an unlicensed mechanic's workshop at the back of their property. The girl resists the man with silence, and finally with sabotage. She fights him at the place where she believes his heart lives-in the engine of the car. Set at the close of the 1970s and traversing thousands of kilometres of inland roads, Exploded View is a revelatory interrogation of Australian girlhood. Must a girl always be a part-how can she become a whole?



ISBN: 9781925773415
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 160
Publication Date: 5 Mar 2019
Publisher: Text Publishing
Publication City, Country: Melbourne, Australia
Dimensions (cm): 21.6(H) x 14.3(L) x 2.8(W)
Weight (gm): 322



'Exploded View...(is) a measured, poetic focus on the small details in nature, roads and relationships.' * Arts Hub *
'Exploded View has all the exhilaration of a revved-up Holden' * Age *
'This tense novel, held tightly with elegant restraint, is hard to read for the best possible reasons. It asks a lot of its reader, but it offers the most satisfying rewards.' * Lifted Brow *
'Superbly controlled, like dark, secret music rising from an abyss.' * Helen Garner *
'This is Tiffany's triumph...her prose has the alert, truncated poetry of a preternatural wise child-lyrical without being florid, clear-sighted by unhappy with that early knowledge...It's title might suggest splintering of focus, but the line drawn in Exploded View is unwavering, tragic, and heads straight down. * Monthly *
'Exploded View is an offbeat coming-of-age story...there is hardly a detail that does not reverberate beyond itself, evoke some deeper implication. * Australian Book Review *
'This is a powerful book and can't be ignored.' * Books + Publishing *
'An adolescent girl's terrifying tale of family life; I have never read a novel like Exploded View.' * Joan London *
'Tiffany pulls off something remarkable here: erecting a narrative structure almost buckling under its own weight, but that ultimately holds up. Challenging and devastating, this is an important read. * Overland *
'This is a very different novel to Tiffany's early books...The language is glitter, angrier and focalised exquisitely through this girl's perspective. * Australian *
'Carrie Tiffany's third novel...As spare as a poem, as potent as a depth charge.' * SA Weekend *
'Both poetic and relentlessly dark in tone...with not a word wasted.' * Saturday Paper *
'If you're a fan of Australian literature, this one is not to be missed.' * AU Review *
'The distinctive qualities that made her two previous novels so successful-an original perspective, odd characters, earthy language-emerge quickly from Exploded View, like wildflowers cracking through bitumen...Tiffany writes this portrait of a girl on the brink of womanhood with great subtlety...[T]here's much to learn from this girl and from the compassion, power and beauty of the author's fine writing.' * Guardian *
'The language shifts and soars...' * Sydney Morning Herald *
'[A] densely interior novel, narrated in vignettes that are rhythmic, often poetic, sparse and compressed...Tiffany's control of [the novel's] voice is masterful. It is thrilling, even exhilarating at times, to read.' -- Fiona Wright * Sydney Review of Books *
'An ending to make your jaw unhinge.' * NZ Listener *
'Solitary is an intelligent memoir about an unbreakable human spirit.' * AU Review *
'Taught and haunting' * Fiona Wright, ABR *
'Carrie Tiffany's Exploded View is a dark coal of a novel compressed into a diamond.' * Bronwyn Lea, ABR *
'Astonishing ... It's unlike anything I've read before: the novel as modern art where every precise brushstroke of a sentence is intended, not to move the plot or reveal character, but to elicit feeling from the reader.' * Toni Jordan, SMH *
'Subtly imagined and brutally recounted. For all the grimness in Tiffany's story of an adolescent girl's domestic imprisonment, however, hers remains a narrative shot through with poetry and hope.' -- Geordie Williamson * Australian *
'A short but powerful work that uses the extended metaphor of car mechanics to craft a novel that reads like a poem.' * Gretchen Shirm, Australian *
'[A]n unsettling book but a gift to its readers, who are treated to Tiffany's evocative and elegant storytelling.' * Adelaide Review *
'Shockingly good...it gets under your skin and stays there.' * Saturday Paper *


Author Biography

Carrie Tiffany was born in West Yorkshire and grew up in Western Australia. She spent her early twenties working as a park ranger in Central Australia. Her first novel, Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living (2005), was shortlisted for the Orange Prize, the Miles Franklin Literary Award, the Guardian First Book Award and the Commonwealth Writers' Prize, and won the Dobbie Award and the WA Premier's Award for Fiction. Mateship with Birds (2011) was also shortlisted for many awards and won the inaugural Stella Prize and the Christina Stead Prize for Fiction in the NSW Premier's Literary Awards. She lives and works in Melbourne.
Exploded View

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