A YouTube star becomes famous after he documents his breakup online. An anxious, lactoseintolerant office worker obsesses over a stranger who says "Nice shorts, bro" to him in passing. A couple wants to open up their relationship to a ghost. A monster just wants to find love in his human skin.

In these unconventional, interconnected stories the first work of fiction by poet Daniel Zomparelli gay men look for love in any way possible. From social media, to finding someone within a dream, the ways in which these characters search for joy becomes both limitless and overwhelming. With wry abandon and a beguiling heart, Everything Is Awful is a deadpan, tragicomic exploration of love, desire, and dysfunction in the twenty-first century.



ISBN: 9781551526751
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 176
Publication Date: 22 Jun 2017
Publisher: Arsenal Pulp Press
Publication City, Country: Vancouver, Canada
Dimensions (cm): 20.4(H) x 14(L)


Author Biography

Daniel Zomparelli: Daniel Zomparelli is the Editor-in-Chief of Poetry Is Dead magazine and co-podcaster at Can't Lit. He is the author of the poetry collections Davie Street Translations and (with Dina Del Bucchia) Rom Com.

Everything Is Awful And You're A Terrible Person

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