WARNING: You are about to read my UTTERLY BIGGEST SECRETS. Can I trust you? OK then. I'm Ella, and this is my diary.Ella is going to be in an ad (a REAL ad, on TV) and she gets to choose ONE FRIEND to star in it with her. Ella tells Zoe, her BFF, all about it. But at EXACTLY THE SAME TIME Precious Perfect Peach Parker stops being mean to her. Peach is now SO nice to Ellanbsp; that it's causing all kinds of DRAMA with Zoe. Will Ella have to choose between them?


ISBN13: 9781760974213
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 1 Mar 2021
Publisher: Scholastic Australia
Publication City, Country: Lindfield, Australia
Dimensions (cm):
Weight (gm):

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Diva Drama (Ella Diaries #21)

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