The effectiveness of advertising for brands is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve by a multiple of factors such as: fragmentation of the media itself; the ever rising media supplies; and the limited attention it can reach. It is therefore important to increase the effectiveness of the advertisment. One of the possibilities for increasing the effectiveness is the knowledge of the differences in both sexes. Experience has shown that creative agencies and brands do not have sufficient knowledge about effective communication for separate sexes. This book is a guide for anyone in the creative industry that wants more insight in neuroscience with a special focus on man and women. By using this knowledge the creatives and marketers of a brand can create more effective communication. This book is helpful for everyone in the advertising industry. With a special focus on creatives, art directors and marketers.



ISBN: 9789063694357
Audience: Professional & Vocational
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 192
Publication Date: 15 Dec 2016
Publisher: BIS Publishers B.V.
Publication City, Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dimensions (cm): 21(H) x 20.9(L)


Author Biography

Huub van Osch MBM is creative director, strategist, and owner of two advertising agencies in the Netherlands. Both specialised in neuro advertising. Huub graduated Cum Laude at the Erasmus University with his thesis about male and female neuro cognitive processes.

Different Brains, Different Approaches: Successful Neuro Advertising for Male and Female

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