Did you ask someone a question today? Asking questions makes us human, it helps us to establish connections, learn and transform. This book turns the spotlight on the craft of asking questions. Learn the ropes from all walks of life, like Socrates, a hairdresser, Einstein, a help desk employee, Lao Tse and a police detective. Use the practical tips and fun facts in this book to your advantage during birthday parties, when you meet the parents, at networking events or a first date. Are you ready to turn the focus to the other, ask questions, listen better and in the end: learn more?



ISBN: 9789063695620
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 144
Publication Date: 4 May 2020
Publisher: BIS Publishers B.V.
Publication City, Country: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dimensions (cm): 18(H) x 14.5(L)


Author Biography

Els Dragt feels that being curious is not a crime. She is an independent researcher, lecturer and trainer with 20 years of experience. Els travels the globe to activate professionals and students to look elsewhere, to ask questions and to explore more. She is the author of several research related books and articles, such as 'How to Research Trends'. Jeroen Timmer's brain is always on. He is a creative thinker and tinkerer, 24/7 on the lookout for alternative solutions that make this world a better place. He is trained in IT, worked at Sony and decided to switch careers. With a diploma at Rietveld Arts Academy under his belt, he now works as an independent circular designer.

Dare to Ask: Learn to Ask Questions like a Pro

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