Legend has it that when preparing props for the James Bond film Live and Let Die, producer Albert Broccoli commissioned Surrealist maestro Salvador Dali to create a custom deck of tarot cards. Inspired by his wife Gala, who nurtured his interest in mysticism, Dali eagerly got to work, and continued the project of his own accord when the contractual deal fell through.

The work was published in a limited art edition in 1984 that has since long sold out, making Dali the first renowned painter to create a completely new set of cards. Drawing on Western masterpieces from antiquity to modernity (including some of his own), Dali seamlessly combined his knowledge of the arcane with his unmistakable wit. The result is a surreal kaleidoscope of European art history.

TASCHEN resurrects all 78 cards in a fresh celebration of Dali's inimitable custom set, complete with a booklet by renowned German tarot author Johannes Fiebig offering:

an introduction to Dali's life and the project's making-of

a comprehensive explanation of each card's composition, its meaning, and practical advice

step-by-step instructions on how to perform readings

a jargon-free approach simplifying tarot for the newcomer



ISBN: 9783836576123
Audience: General
Format: Book
Number of Pages: 184
Publication Date: 18 Mar 2020
Publisher: Taschen GmbH
Publication City, Country: Cologne, Germany
Dimensions (cm): 33(H) x 18.8(L)
Weight (gm): 1630



"Images of classic art and Christian symbolism with a signature Dali twist... a very surreal deck of cards." * smithsonianmag.com *
"With a revitalized public interest in alternative spiritualities that reach beyond the patriarchies of monotheistic religions, this tarot feels more relevant than ever." * dazeddigital.com *
"Tarot cards with some major art clout." * Harper's Bazaar *
"Searching for an artistic reading? You'll certainly find it here - and they won't look half bad on your shelf, either." * gq-magazine.co.uk *


Author Biography

Johannes Fiebig, born in Cologne in 1953, is one of the most successful authors on Tarot and a leading expert of the psychological interpretation of symbols and oracles. His main field of interest focuses on the use of Tarot and other symbolic languages as humanistic, psychological tools.
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