Ten projects by interior designer Gert Voorjans, all beautifully captured in this luxury edition. This deluxe book gives a genuine insight into the fascinating world of top designer Gert Voorjans. He allows access to 10 of his very own creations, and offers a unique glimpse behind the scenes. All the inspirational sources of this eccentric decorator are discussed in this book. In addition, there is no way of avoiding Gert Voorjans' penchant for contrast. Antique and modern, simple and extravagant go hand in hand in the interiors that he has designed worldwide for actors, pop stars and stores. AUTHOR: Gert Voorjans studied interior architecture in Hasselt, post-graduate art history in Siena as well as post-graduate Styles & Arts at Sotheby's in London. He started to work at Axel and May Vervoordt and for ten years he was the in-house decorator for Dries Van Noten. In 1997 he opened his own interior design studio in Antwerp. He decorates homes and shops in London, Madrid, New York, Tokyo, to name a few. In addition, AD Collector 2012 named him one of the top 10 best interior designers. SELLING POINTS: Captures the world of interior designer Gert Voorjans; 10 projects all sumptuously presented with outstanding photography The book is highly original and beautifully designed Voorjans' previous book, Interior Life, was highly acclaimed for its original design, creative content, and innovative binding Previous books include 'Interior Life' ISBN 9789401400565.



ISBN: 9789401433945
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 256
Publication Date: 26 Oct 2016
Publisher: Lannoo
Publication City, Country: Tielt, Belgium
Dimensions (cm): 28.5(H) x 22.5(L)



You may not be familiar with Belgian designer Gert Voorjans, and neither was I until recently. But what a pleasant discovery his work has been. Voorjans is no Johnny-come-lately to the world of design. A protege of Axel Vervoordt, the Antwerp-based designer opened his own firm in 1996 and has been decorating around the world ever since. To be sure, Voorjans' work can be eccentric, but that's what makes it so very interesting. I've made one pass through the book thus far and look forward to diving into it again soon. Unique and personal, this book will likely hold your interest well into the future.--The Peak of Chic
That's Gert's work...full of quirky antiques, luscious and sensual fabrics and a 'vie de chateau' feeling. His approach is carefree, sometimes maximal, and always pure charm.--The Style Saloniste


Daily Life: Projects by Gert Voorjans

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