Cy Twombly's first visit to Italy as a young man ignited a lifelong passion for classical culture that is everywhere present in his art. Painted canvases, works on paper, and small-scale sculptures reveal the historical soul of Twombly's abstract compositions. Taking on myths and heroes as personal guides, he created a psychologically complex dialogue with the visual and literary art of antiquity. This sumptuously illustrated publication reproduces a carefully chosen selection of the artist's paintings, drawings, and sculptures alongside works of classical antiquity, including a number from his personal collection. Illuminating essays by leading scholars explore the often enigmatic engagement of Twombly's art with the world of the past.



ISBN: 9780878468744
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 264
Publication Date: 6 Aug 2020
Publisher: Museum of Fine Arts,Boston
Publication City, Country: Boston, United States
Dimensions (cm): 27.9(H) x 24.1(L)
Weight (gm): 1900



This expertly researched book...showcases the artist's sculptures, works on paper, and paintings alongside classical works of antiquity, revealing the historical inspiration. The sumptuously illustrated book, includes a number of pieces from the artist's personal collection along with detailed essays, written by leading scholars, to offer a deeper look at an artist more often associated with scribble abstract compositions. For any collector who believes they know Cy Twombly, this book provides a different facet of the artist and the often-enigmatic engagement he had with the past.--Doug King "Patron"
Although he spent many of his adult years living and working in Rome, painter Cy Twombly first got his start in another great city: Boston, where he began attending the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in 1948. Learn more about the abstractionist in this locally published text, where a selection of his works--including sculptures and drawings--are showcased alongside the classical masterpieces that inspired them.--Andrea Timpano "Boston Home"
The catalog for the Museum of Fine Art, Boston exhibition this year features a selection of the American artist Cy Twombly's paintings, drawings and sculptures alongside works of classical antiquity, including a number from his personal collection.--Natasha Wolff "Forbes"
In preparation for an exhibition at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts and at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, this volume recounts the artist's lifelong passion for classical antiquity--references to which appear regularly in his paintings, drawings, and sculpture. The exhibition and book also feature items of classical sculpture that come from the late artist's personal collection.--Editors "Milieu"
Photographs of Cy Twombly's home in Rome, with its baroque golden chairs and severe-looking marble busts, reveal that the artist, known for his modernist, abstract expressionist paintings, was in fact fascinated by antiquity. This obsession forms the subject of a new book on his work, Cy Twombly: Making Past Present, which places the artist's paintings, drawings and sculptures alongside classical works, including some from his own collection, and essays from writers such as Anne Carson and Brooke Holmes.--Baya Simons "Financial Times"
To mingle together exposure and erasure...is a philosophic instinct and an artistic method that Twombly and Catullus share... Illegibility, unloveliness, misspelling are all ways to disavow ownership or power over its meaning, while retaining an ancient presence that glows up through the work.--Ann Carson "LitHub"
a volume that I find myself drawn to again and again...--Sam Duplessis "Visionary Projects"


Author Biography

Cy Twombly (1928-2011) was born in Lexington, Virginia, and lived and worked in New York in the early 1950s and at Black Mountain College in North Carolina. After traveling around North Africa, Spain and Italy, he settled in Rome, where he remained for the rest of his life. Christine Kondoleon is George D. and Margo Behrakis Chair, Art of Ancient Greece and Rome, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Kate Nesin is Adjunct Curator, Contemporary Art, at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Anne Carson is a poet, essayist, translator, and professor of classical languages and literature. Jennifer R. Gross is Executive Director, Hauser & Wirth Institute. Brooke Holmes is Robert F. Goheen Professor in the Humanities and Professor of Classics at Princeton University. Mary Jacobus is professor emerita of English at the University of Cambridge and Cornell University, and an Honorary Fellow of Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford.
Cy Twombly: Making Past Present

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