Lift your spirits and warm your heart with 500 photos of adorable cats and kittens. Ask any cat lover: cats and kittens are the best thing ever! Cats lift our moods, lower our blood pressure, and improve our sense of well-being. In fact, people who have pets in their lives even live longer! In this book, we've collected 500 photos that capturing the beauty and personality of a wide range of felines from around the world - and wide variety of cats' favorite activities, from lazy naps to spirited exploration. Inspirational quotes about cats and their honoured roles in our families add another level of optimism and love. This book is perfect for moms, grandparents, teachers, kids or anyone who might need a little lift. Just a few minutes with these adorable kitty faces provides a boost that will last all day! AUTHOR: Photographer, writer, and designer Michelle Perkins has worked in the photography publishing industry for nearly 20 years. SELLING POINTS: Animals relax and de-stress people. Short quotes about cats are fun and easy to read for kids or seniors. Nurture your empathy and appreciation for the value of all life. colour photographs throughout



ISBN: 9781682033784
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Number of Pages: 128
Publication Date: 20 Dec 2018
Publisher: Amherst Media
Publication City, Country: Amherst, United States
Dimensions (cm): 25.4(H) x 17.8(L)



"I love the warmth, playfulness, and even the aristocracy in these pictures, perfectly capturing the many moods of the feline companion. This book is like having a warm bundle of fur cuddled on your lap--even if your real cat currently prefers to nap in an empty box." --Amy Smith, writer at www.madandbean.com
"Not only are the pictures of cats in this book a pleasure to the eyes, but research suggests that viewing images of adorable cats is good for mental health. The type of images presented in this book have been found to boost positive emotions, give viewers an energy bump, and decrease negative feelings." --Shira Gabriel, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology at the University at Buffalo, SUNY


Author Biography

Photographer, writer, and designer Michelle Perkins has worked in the photography publishing industry for nearly 20 years. Her images and articles have appeared in Shutterbug, Rangefinder, AfterCapture, Metropolitan Bride, and Fearless Photographers. She is the author of over a dozen instructional books for professional photographers, including the popular "500 Poses" reference series, How to Photograph Weddings: Behind the Scenes with 25 Top Pros, and Professional Portrait Lighting: Techniques and Images from Professional Photographers. In addition, she has designed interiors and covers for photography books by industry leaders like Neal Urban, Neil van Niekerk, Mimika Cooney, Tim Kelly, Tamara Lackey, Brett Florens, and Lori Nordstrom. She has worked as a photography and design consultant on publications for Oxford University Press and Rizzoli. She resides in Buffalo, NY.

Cats: 500 Purr-fect Portraits to Brighten Your Day

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