Celebrating 10 issues of the gloriously opulent design magazine Cabana Cabana Anthology, drawn from the sought-after, sumptuous bi-annual Cabana magazine, founded in 2014 by Martina Mondadori Sartogo, celebrates the most luxurious personal statements in interior design, lifestyle, architecture, and all related luxuries. Showcasing the very best photography, interviews, profiles, and features from its first five, formative, years, this anthology offers an extraordinary mix of topics, interiors, objects, and visual essays from contributors ranging from Manolo Blahnik and Alessandro Michele to Angelica Hicks and Gianluca Longo, artfully photographed by the likes of Miguel Flores-Vianna and Tim Beddow. With astonishing production values not seen since the legendary Flair magazine of the 1950s, Cabana Anthology is a must-have collector's item for regular subscribers, as well as art and design aficionados who missed out the first time around.



ISBN: 9780865653580
Audience: General
Format: Hardback
Number of Pages: 488
Publication Date: 2 Oct 2018
Publisher: Vendome Press
Publication City, Country: United States
Dimensions (cm): 30.5(H) x 23(L)
Weight (gm): 2850



'Cabana evokes wonder and describes eclecticism. Happy birthday, Cabana, and keep adventuring!' - Hamish Bowles
'Cabana takes my breath away.... If [it] were an adjective it would describe: an authentic, original, idiosyncratic and truly lived-in style, whether humble or grand it doesn't matter!' - Amy Astley
'Cabana is this great design magazine that comes out only twice a year, in huge volumes with special fabric covers. . . . The photography is lush and beautiful, and it dives into the homes of interior designers, architects, and artists. Every issue is a true keepsake. Cabana Anthology is a kind of "best-of" collection of interviews, profiles, and features from the first five years of publication. I can't wait to catch up on past stories I've missed.' - John Wogan, Travel Features Editor goop
'For those outside the know, the biannual Cabana bills itself a magazine, but it's really a prized tome with textiles for covers. It's no surprise that these issues are hard to get your hands on. Aesthetes the world over will be thrilled to know that ... highlights from issues one through nine will come neatly packaged in a collectible Cabana Anthology ... ' - Vogue.com


Author Biography

Martina Mondadori Sartogo was born in Milan in 1981. She represents the fourth generation of the Mondadori family and is part of the board of directors of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore publishing group. In 2014 she started Cabana, a magazine focused on Timeless Interiors and Decorative Arts. She is Cabana's Editor in Chief and curator for the Pop Up Shops on 1stdibs and Moda Operandi, a partnership started in April 2015 to give access to decorative items in the style of the magazine. Martina is also Style European Editor-at-Large for Town and Country U.S.
Cabana: Anthology

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